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Great store - Got my account verified with 24 hours!
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19:37:43 07-27-2014
Instant for Paypal VCC
Worked a charm minutes later.
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Ben HK 04:42:23 07-10-2014
My order finished!

Im happy with OPENVCC, Than 100 accounts verified !

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16:13:22 04-08-2014

My account got verified instantly. Thank you very much !

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In One C 21:13:39 03-29-2014

Received code in 5 mins. Thanks admin !

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17:16:55 03-28-2014

Best seller, I bought 500 ++ VCC ...

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Kad 06:51:26 03-21-2014
We usually buy in bulk and bought from many vendors here for the last 2 years. Just want to say that you have one of the best customer service before and AFTER the sale. And last but not least, you respond to PMs crazy fast! As of today, you are on top of my list.
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KMBTrader 01:32:39 09-16-2013
Super Legit !
Super legit! Best seller on the site IMO, hands down, and sooooo nice! Thanks OPENVCC for all the accounts you sold me.
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David Ahan Chicago 01:31:10 09-16-2013
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