Prepaid virtual card is a non-reloadable and non-rechargeable card work just like a regular credit card use for online purchases on web sites and also use for purchases over fax and telephone order as long as physical card is not required.

2). How do I apply for a prepaid virtual card?
It is so simple, just click on apply button and follow the easy and simple instructions.

3). Is prepaid virtual card has any physical shape?
No, it does not has any physical presence.

4). How do I receive a prepaid virtual card?
Just right after you place an order and your payment is confirmed, your card will send you through an e-mail, you have registered with us.

5). Who can apply for a prepaid virtual card?
Any person from anywhere in this world can apply for a prepaid virtual card. As it does not require an id or any paper work.

6). Is prepaid virtual card associated with any bank?
No, prepaid virtual card is not associated with any bank.

7). What is the appearance of a prepaid virtual card?
The Virtual Credit Card is consist on the following:
1). Name on Card
 2). Costumer ID
 3). Billing Address
 4). Virtual Visa Credit Card Account Number
 5). Expiry Date

 6). CVV2 Number
 7). Balance

Virtual Visa Credit Card number is a 16 digit number. CVV2 is a 3 digit number like a number on the back of VISA Credit Card. Expiration Period is 1 year. All these information will be sent to costumer via e-mail in following format.

8). How much payment I have to made for a prepaid virtual card?
Pls come : www.openvcc.com

9). What is the payment method for a prepaid virtual card?
We accept : Perfect Money,  Bitcoin, Webmoney . For more details regarding payment method please signup for an account.

10). How many time I can apply for a prepaid virtual card?
There is no restrictions, you can get as much as you want.

11). Can I gift prepaid virtual card to my friends and family?
Yes, you can gift it to anyone you want.

12). Is there any validity period or expiration date?
Yes, there is a One year validation period. You have to spend all your money before the expiration date arrives.

13). At the time of expiration, if I still have some money in may card then what would I do?
In case you have some money left in your card at the time of expiration then you will not be able to spend that money. We advise you to spend all your money at least 15 days before the expiration date.

14). Can I use prepaid virtual card on ATM machine?
No, it will not work on ATM because it requires a physical card.

15). Can I reload or recharge the prepaid virtual card?
No, you can not reload or recharge the card as it is a prepaid card after you finish your balance you have to purchase a new one.

16). How is a prepaid virtual credit card different from regular Credit Cards?
Regular Credit Cards are mostly provided with Bank Accounts and can be used on the Internet and on ATM Machines, any amount spent using the Credit Card appears on your Bank Statement. But prepaid virtual card does not have any physical shape and also not associated with any bank.

17). I want to book hotels or purchase some air tickets from website, can I pay for it with prepaid virtual card?
Yes, you can pay for hotel booking as well as purchase the air ticket with prepaid virtual card as long as there is no need for a physical card.

18). Is there any refund or order cancellation policy?
It is not possible for us to refund your money or cancel your order after an order has been placed or a card has been issued.

19). Can I get the balance statement of my prepaid virtual card?
Yes, We will check and give to u.

20). Can I have to pay some fee to get the statement?
No, we offer this service free of cost.

21). Can I pay for porn as well as for gambling sites?
No, prepaid virtual card will not make any payment on these sites.

22). Where can I use my prepaid virtual card?
You can use it anywhere for online shopping as long as there is no requirement for a physical card.

23). My card work best on almost all the sites but one or more specific sites do no accept the payment,why?
This error occurred when some sites or online merchants have some specific rules and regulations for the credit card acceptance. In such case, your prepaid card may not work even it is active then you must understand that we cannot force them to accept the payment.

24). Can I resell prepaid virtual card or do you support any business ideas?
Yes, we will support the business ideas and you can resell the prepaid virtual cards. For further details click at "Become Reseller" option from menu.

25). I want to get may prepaid virtual card on my business or company name, can I do so?
Yes, you can get the prepaid virtual card on your business or company name.

26). I have balance in US dollars but different sites accept in different currency then how do I pay?
Once you give your card details, your payment will deduct from your card after converting the money from US dollars to that specific currency by the merchant.

27). Can I have to agree with your terms of service or cardholder agreement?
Yes, you must have to agree with all the clause's) described in our terms of service or card holder agreement at the time you place an order. If you are not agree with all or some portion of our terms of service or card holder agreement ,we suggest you to avoid the use of prepaid virtual card.

28). I still have some question regarding the prepaid virtual card?
For your further consideration, you may contact online with our sales support officer or may click "support" option to ask questions through online form.


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